Places to go, things to do: request for fat events info

So, I need some help in putting together a sort of US-based fat-events calendar for next year.

Why?  I’m doing this PhD on fatness and sexual subjectivity.  Part of what I’m looking at is the interventions fat people are making into representation and discourse; how we negotiate/re-negotiate our fat identities.  In a way, it’s sort of turning into a thesis on the fat/size acceptance movement.  And because of that, I want to do some ‘field work’ of sorts.  That is, hop over to the US (being the centre of the FA-universe) and hang out with some awesome fatties doing awesome fatty things.  So I’m starting to put together a sort of calender of fatty events for next year so I can try to figure out the best time to go and fit in as much as possible.

Dear people of the fat-o-sphere, I need your help.  I know it’s probably a little early to really know when things are happening in 2010, but if you do know of any awesome and fat-related events or places I should visit, please tell me all about it!  I’m particularly interested in:

– Conferences (both academic and activist)
– Performances (theatre, dance, burlesque, etc)
– Community events
– Fatshion-related stuff (eg, fat girl flea, Re/Dress, etc)
– Awesome fatties who might be interested in hanging out and talking
– Pretty much anything else you care to mention

Thanks heaps in advance!

Ok, go!

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ETA: I’ve added a calendar to track and share any events.  You can comment here, there, via email, or however you want.  Awesome.