Fat, girl, academic-in-training, writer, Melbournian, chronic procrastinator, fatshionista. Fatuous.

I’m doing a PhD on fat.  Specifically fat and sexual subjectivity.  This is a blog of my research, where I will share my thoughts, observations, and reading lists.  I heart theory.

This is not a 101 blog.  There are plenty of people who are running excellent 101 blogs with far more clarity and patience than me.  I tend toward critique, not only of dominant ideas about fat, but also on occasion, of dominant ideas about fat acceptance.  That doesn’t mean I’m critical of fat acceptance, quite the opposite – but that I think all movements benefit from examining their underlying ideologies.

If you are an awesome fatty looking to connect, or an awesome clothing designer looking to revolutionise fatshion (particularly in Australia), or just generally awesome, come say hello at hello@fatuosity.net

I’m also a bit of a foodie and blog about the delicious vegetarian food I cook and eat at gretelgettingfatter.wordpress.com.

wearing my 'fatuous' necklace


Following on from this not being a 101 blog, the most important part of my comments policy is:  Read.  Read the post before commenting.  Nothing will get me off side quicker than telling me I’m wrong about X (usually the title of my post) because of Y (point that I made in the first paragraph of my post).  Yes, I do have a weakness for a grabby title, but that’s not the point.  The point is read.  Thinking is also strongly encouraged.

That said, I do love comments.  This is a place where I test some of my ideas, so I welcome discussion and disagreement – thoughtful and engaged challenges to my ideas are awesome.  Name-calling is not awesome.

I also use this blog as a way of participating in the wider conversations of the fatosphere, fat acceptance and fat politics.  I love these conversations, and I’m excited by how they’re developing, growing, getting bigger (fatter!), and reaching wider and wider.

Comments are moderated. I get a lot of spam, so there’s now a captcha in place.  I know that can be a pain, but so is a moderation queue full of penis enlargements.  If a comment it looks even vaguely like spam, it will be marked as spam.  If it looks even vaguely like trolling, it will be deleted.  If it looks like a different opinion expressed in a respectful way, it will be approved and I will most likely reply.  I’m a replier.

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